One of the aspects of our ministry that is near & dear to our hearts, is something we call, 'The Next Step Program'. The hardest thing about the street kids camps, has been the end of each camp & having to take them back to the city. The Lord has answered our prayers and connected us with some wonderful Filipino Christian brothers who have a small drop-in center in the heart of Cubao.  Currently, there are 29 street kids who are enrolled in public school!!! Although the center is not large enough to house the kids full time (yet), we are helping to provide:

* Uniforms, socks, shoes, backpacks, & all school supplies
* Food & drinking water each day for the kids
* Showering and bathroom facility
* Laundry facility
* After school tutoring program (with a licensed teacher & access to the internet & printing for assignments)
* Weekly Bible Study
* A music program
* Time for games & other fun activities

$50.00/mo. for each child, helps to keep this operating. The current location is extremely humble. To give you an idea of the size, it would be approximately as large as two common backyard sheds in the United States. We then have some tarps to cover an outdoor area where most of the activities take place. Our prayer is for a larger facility in the heart of the city, but buildings are hard to come by and the other problem that we have is that many neighborhoods do not want a ministry like ours because of the street children. We could definitely use your prayers!