FREE Gospel Tracts

‘Honor God & Make Disciple’s’.  This is the purpose statement of a church in the Philippines that has always stood out to us.

This may sound old school to some, but we want to encourage you to carry gospel tracts and even some bibles with you in your car.  Isn’t it so true that all of us as believers, are called to be missionaries wherever we are?  There are times when we have the opportunity to share Christ directly with people, but there are also many opportunities to leave a tract with our tip at a restaurant, or when we’re leaving a hotel, etc.  
It’s probably true that some will just get tossed in the trash, but what if…that was just what someone needed right then in their life?!  It can be overwhelming at times, to think about the lost in this world. We pray that all of us as Christians will challenge ourselves to share the hope of Christ as much a possible. 

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